Worakls – Elea

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Downlaod / Stream : https://HungryMusic.lnk.to/flocondeneige

“Dear listeners,

Some of you already know that I’m a big lover of Movie Soundtracks. I really like those punchy violins that you can hear in some action movies, so I decided to try to make some. After making a big part of the track, I thought that it was still missing something. I made it to listen to a couple of friends, and one was with his daughter, Elea, 9 years old. She seemed to enjoy the track and was very interested to music. So I asked her if she would like to sing on it and we had a lot of fun doing it. The track has her name and we both hope you will like it …”


Source by Hungry Music


perfect when you need a boost of Energy

Pete Lende says:

change my emotions

L'arpenteur says:

C’est le prénom de ma fille!

Tekhné says:

So good! I loved.

I crashed my car, pure genius <3

Excellent ce passage

Drone Audio says:

this beat, like flying!

Kotu Kot says:

IMO true definition of modern “Sherlocked” and other spy-themed soundtracks better than OSTs.

N’arrêtez pas de nous faire vibrer! =)

KMLKGN says:

ya senin sauuundunu yerim

rich.ri says:

B a s s ‘ (t)…..(y)

rich.ri says:

Verd….geiles Ding…..!!! <3

Yeaahhh boi knew this was the stuff of Worakls

8om says:

tellement beau..

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