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Vodovoz – Progressive House Construction Kits

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Vodovoz proudly presents Progressive House Construction Kits

This 10 construction kit toolbox makes it possible to create high level progressive house bangers from scratch.

This 860.3 MB library contains 568 drumloops, low end kicks and basslines,
synth leads, pads, processed percussion, effects and atmospheres, including hooks, drops, variations, intros and outros, recorded in 128 bpm.

All loops contain pitch and bpm details and are suitible for seamless integration in a DJ or live setup.

all construction kit folders contain high quality 24 bit wave files and are compatible with most DAWs and samplers
The drum loops in the c-kit folders are available in two different versions:
medium compression/pre-mastered for your individual sound design and heavy compressed/mastered for instant use.
all synths lines, pads, basslines, effects and other instruments are pre-mastered for better mixing.

The options are ranging from adding single loops to an existing track, up to developing complete new tracks using one or a combination of several kits.
This library is especially made for producers, songwriters and sound-designers, and can be used for songwriting, movie soundtracks, games, advertisement-jingles, dubbing and web applications.

Ideas, production and sound-design by Danya Vodovoz

Danya has released his music on labels like Ministry of Sound, Traum, Naïve, Raw Canvas and Night Drive Music. Among other styles, he has produced Dubstep Skillz, Electro House Inferno, Retro Soul, Chillers Joint, Electro Pop, Pop Charts, 80s Smash Hits and Caribbean Flavors for Ueberschall.

Royalty free licence

by purchasing this construction kit library you are allowed to use all loops, samples and audio content in your productions, without having to pay any share of your earnings to Vodovoz!

With construction kits it`s all about constructing someting. Use the kits, modify them, be creative and construct something unique.


Source by Vodovoz Music Productions