Thwara 3ala al Nafs/Music-Moustapha El Halawany-مصطفى الحلواني

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Moustapha El Halawany, based in Cairo, Egypt and has composed music for a vast audience ranging from movie soundtracks and commercials to TV channel identities and songs.

Source by Halawany


Ziad Gadou says:

men a7la eltracks elli fel denya, enta 3abqary

music 7elwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bgd

Ahmed Shaban says:

الموسيقى دي كانت بتخليني ادمع وانا بشوف رحلة اليقين في رمضان قبل اللي فات

سحححححر !!!!!!!!!!

amal fawzy says:

بحب التراك ده اوى

Hadeel Kamal says:

mn a7la ma sm3t ana bgd

JihadAS says:


da enta low mesht 3la keda ht3mel soundtracks le movies 3lmya :O

one the best sountracks I have ever heard. This deserves a Grammy award!

Omar.Gabr says:

wallahe mafesh gamadan kda , 3alamy ya halawany

الله يسعدك ياحلواني

MohaMed AmEr says:

now the best part ever ♡

mtahoon says:

A rarely found level of Deep vibes, something to be proud of !

مين عمل التوزيع؟ حضرتك.؟

Basma A Zaki says:

i love this peice of music with the voice of azan it is a finr peice of art

Kareem 7afez says:

kol ma asm3ha tfkarny be rmdaan 🙂

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