The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

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The Drums appeared in a slipstream of ice-water reverb and gleaming, desperate melody with their ‘Summertime EP’, featuring the anti-anthem ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ and the soaring hooklines of ‘I Felt Stupid’. They have miraculously joined the dots between Sixties diner jukeboxes, dog-eared early Eighties new wave cassette comps, and late Eighties synth-punk coming-of-age movie soundtracks.

Source by Downtown Records


im high af sdafsdfsdfsdafas

Such a cooooool vibe

Lexanation says:

whistles multiple times

had my first surf vid of me (sort of) ripping taken yesterday

*whistling………whistling* catchy/fun song!

Sviat Volkov says:

kings of dogtown 😀

Esto es lo mejor en musica el indie lo mejor

Song goes great with any edit, especially a surfing edit.

Dava Klein says:

You sound like Joy Division a little. Freaking love that band!

entropyfan2 says:

wake up and come with me!!!!

Mathieu Abad says:

Yeaah go surfing baby !!!

Zee Mitsue says:


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