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Corporate upbeat instrumental background music for videos, presentations, corporate videos, business videos, advertising, films, for commercial projects etc.
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“Technology” – This calm, beautiful, melodious track you can use in your video projects, such as presentations, advertising and marketing video, product video, commercials, news, for games, animation, films, documentaries, for promotion Youtube or Vimeo video and more. Music very good technical and aesthetic quality. Instruments: marimba, xylophone, celeste, piano, drums.
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► Can I use this music in my videos?
● Sure! Just download this track and you are ready to use it! If you want to monetize your video on YouTube, in this case you need to purchase a license, then show it on YouTube.
► YouTube is showing a ‘Third-Party Content match’ in my Video Manager, even though I have purchased a license. What should I do?

● YouTube digitally check every piece of media that is uploaded for matching media they have on their ContentID system. Sometimes, you may receive a match notification.

● Simply click ‘Dispute’, select ‘I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material’, confirm the next page, and in the ‘Please explain briefly’ box, copy/paste the details found in your license agreement that accompanies your music download, and continue. Claims should be resolved within 24-96 hours.
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● You can indicate so: “Technology by AShamaluevMusic”.
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► What you can find here:
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Stay tuned as more tracks will be released in the coming weeks and months.

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We don’t ask for much in our lives but closing trilogies well is one of them. I’d start throwing my faeces but then we would be no better than Andy Serkis. “But the graphics!!!” [heavily ironic voice]

This week’s episode is a bit of a call back to the summer “lack-buster” movie season with a full episode of Film with Friends. Joined by recurring co-host Alex we discuss the abysmal finale to the recent Planet of the Apes reboot franchise and the collective amnesia-tic acceptance of this being a good film. Featuring an odd story from a friend of the podcast and a de-evolution into throwing metaphorical shit presidential style.

Kevin MacLeod: “There It Is”…er/There_It_Is

Dark Sunn: “Birds of Prey”…_Birds_Of_Prey

Yshwa: “BITCHEZ Instrumental”…ompletely_inst

Guitar Wizard Del Futuro: “Neutronz”…zards/Neutronz

Various youtube soundtracks. I do not own the music associated with the intermission nor the sound-effects nor expect any profit besides unflinching respect and awe. Thank you to the community offering them.

Source by The Neutron Bomb Podcast

Watch Kasam Paida Karnewale Ki – Mithun Chakraborty & Smita Patil – Superhit Bollywood Movies – HQ. To watch more full length movies in high quality HQ log …


We know anything and everything about 90’s makes us nostalgic. And the nostalgia reaches a euphoric stage when we talk about music, aamchi Bollywood …


Latest list of top 10 highest earning actresses in Bollywood.


TS Minute 23: (44:00-46:00)


Stan Winston: You can see him briefly as a white-haired prisoner on board the harvester after the petrol station raid.


During the moto-terminator chase, the ball on the tow truck switches from being locked to the side of the boom arm to swinging freely, most notable right before Marcus tells Kyle to drop the ball.

During the motorbike chase scene, the road has double yellow striping. Later, before the bike and camper van approach the bridge the striping changes to a white lane-divider line. White center striping on US roads was replaced with yellow in the 1970s, but this could be a backwater that never got the new colors.

During the motorbike chase sequence after the ball on the end of the tow truck snags the terminator and starts dragging it and just before the truck goes over the bridge, you can see the drag lines made on the right side of the road during principle photography for the animators to add in the CG ball, cable, and bike in post.


Wonderful Movie Soundtracks (Ugh):



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This is my review of the film and not an upload of the film in its entirety. The clips used are heavily edited and most of them narrated over top of, showing only amounts that are necessary for me to be able to make my points about the film. My review is for purposes of commentary and criticism and is considered Fair Use by both YouTube and Federal Copyright Law. My usage of the clips does not legally require the copyright holder’s permission and I have every legal right to upload the heavily edited content.

For further proof and information on Fair Use, please refer to:
and additionally:

Thank you for taking the time to verify the clips to see that my usage does not violate copyright.

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Pankaj, who is pursuing his PhD in Sanskrit grammar at the Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, has sung Dheere Dheere Meri Zindagi – a …