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Viernes de 16:00 a 17:00 horas. Un programa de película, con los mejores soundtrack’s de cine y lo mejor en noticias del séptimo arte. Conducido por Rene Rojas.

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Liam Brand, Eli Martinez, Matt Hiles, Matty Sievers, and Syd Miller are all here to discuss the best music in film. From our favourite collection of songs, to original scores, to ambient noise, these are our favourite film soundtracks of all time.

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Hosts Russel Lolacher, Kyle Wells and Jason Whyte share their thoughts on movies, news and Netflix.

Topics this week: What’s your favourite movie soundtrack?, the latest in movie news and our weekly “Up For Discussion”: Why do movie goers prefer big movies rather than arthouse or “small” films? Is it all marketing? What can convince customers to try something different?

We also discuss current movies including Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and If I Stay, upcoming home video releases like The Double and Love Punch. Jason also shares his Netflix recommendation.

Our question to you this week: “What is your favourite movie soundtrack?”

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Produced and sound mixed by Lance Gilson and Buddy Thatcher

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So Trainspotting is 20 years old…

We’ll just let that sink in for a while. Aside from being an important slice of British cinema it also had an amazingly influential soundtrack which set in motion a new phenomenon in the music world too.

This week @HoboJoBo and @Meerkuts discuss film soundtracks, their influence plus whether the soundtrack for a film has an impact on the music world and visa versa.

Let us know your thoughts and your favourite soundtracks in the comments…

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A potpourri from a concert in 2012 – Symphony Orchestra of Film Musics

/ 2012 konserinden bir potpuri – Film Müzikleri Senfoni Orkestrası

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A sad loss for 2011 and a fitting way to end the year. Here’s the soulful groove of B Movie, stripped back and chopped up. It could be considered sacrilege to cut out a lot of the vocal, but that’s what I’ve done so sorry to the purists. Enjoy and here’s to a funky 2012.

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