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50 Bgm Tracks @ 320kbps HQ Exclusive:

PC – www.desibgms.com/2013/10/abcd-american-born-confused-desi-bgms.html#.Uk_O8tJkO94

MOB – http://desimusiq.com/site_abcd_malayalam_free_download_malayalam_hq.xhtml

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Some musics was changed. Enjoy the mix

The main theme to the film “The Green Mile” byThomas Newman.
ES Posthumus – Nara
Forrest Gump – Alan Silvestri
James Newton Howard – Solomon Vandy
The Village
Rising from ashes

Enjoy the mix

Source by Rui Massena

Soundtrack of “Chocolat” “Ein kleiner Biss genügt!” … Johnny Depp and
Juliette Binoche 🙂

Source by Muh Khalaf

Soundtrack List:
00:00 Juice Newton – Angel of the Morning
04:12 Salt-N-Pepa – Shoop
08:21 Neil Sedaka – Calendar Girl
10:58 Deadpool Rap
14:25 DMX – X Gon Give It to Ya
18:02 George Michael – Careless Whisper
23:04 Chicago – You’re the Inspiration
26:00 Bing Crosby – I’ll Be Home For Christmas

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For the newest episode The Corner Radio, I’m chopping it up with my peoples JR, Yaw and Gregg about what are our top 5 movie soundtracks of all time and what are some of our slept on soundtracks. Trust…even without the mix, it’s STILL another dope ep ya’ll!


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Thank you for an amazing 2015! This first year was more than we ever imagined and we look forward to raising the bar for you in 2016! Please enjoy this FREE release and have a happy holidays!

– Team XXL

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This is a track containing several themes for a teen age-drama film production.
The order of the themes is random.

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Basically, I just sit down and play whatever I feel like playing, with no plans whatsoever. Hence the name, impromptu.
I ended up playing movie soundtracks here. Hope you enjoy!

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Decided to try something different this time with a quick recording of a medley I was working on instead of individual pieces – though they aren’t entirely accurate renditions. Not too sure of how the transitions between tracks feel – feedback much appreciated!

There are a few mistakes here and there throughout the whole recording, probably will do a better version once I have time to really brush up the pieces.

Pirates of the Caribbean – The Black Pearl
Pirates of the Caribbean – He’s a Pirate
Star Trek Into Darkness – London Calling
The Dark Knight Rises – Why Do We Fall
The Dark Knight Rises – No Stone Unturned

Audio with iPhone 5s.

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8 songs in less than 1 minute and half

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Viernes de 16:00 a 17:00 horas. Un programa de película, con los mejores soundtrack’s de cine y lo mejor en noticias del séptimo arte. Conducido por Rene Rojas.

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