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Ambient inspiring soft emotional downtempo track with atmospheric synths and electronic rhythm section. Sounds inspiring and motivational, soft and dreamy, rousing and peaceful. Great as background music for time lapse clips, corporate videos, sentimental videos, youtube videos, soundtracks, presentation videos, advertising, commercials, movie trailers, radio, presentations,promotions, etc.

Track is short, but in addition to main track you also get 2 loop versions, so you can make it endless.

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Source by lifeplanetearth | Royalty Free Music | AudioJungle

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Dreamy, background and melodic identify in chillstep dubstep genre with punchy layered drum beats, sub bass line, creative automation choir pads, pleasant electronic plucks, glitch percussion, noisy sound effects and much more! Perfect for soundtracks or background music for advertising videos, action film trailers, sport games and also good for every day listening. Enjoy!

Source by Jilted Generation

M.C.M.S. – The End Of Consciousness EP // Suffused Polarities [SPD006]

Mickey Cohen aka M.C.M.S is a 45 year old composer, arranger and music producer from Israel. He’s been composing music for films, documentary TV, pop music and more, in a large variety of styles. In addition, for the past 9 years he is working in the Israeli Channel 10 TV as a broadcast engineer. We can check his love for movie soundtracks on ‘The End Of Consciousness‘ EP. These four tracks has been inspired by emotions, feelings which can tell stories without motion picture.
Seagulls Flight‘ is a melancholic mediterranean impression, ‘Skys Expression‘ and ‘Spirits Of Kids‘ can be perfect as end credits in films, with their uplifting, spiritual musical vein. ‘The End Of Consciousness‘ summons Vangelis grandiose sound into a new frame, with a sweeping momentum.

M.C.M.S. – The End Of Consciousness [Suffused Polarities]
M.C.M.S. – Seagulls Flight [Suffused Polarities]
M.C.M.S. – Spirits Of Kids [Suffused Polarities]
M.C.M.S. – Skys Expression [Suffused Polarities]

Artwork by Michael Handsome Gaida

Beatport: http://bit.ly/SuffusedPolarities

Source by Suffused Music

This was created back in April 2010 — I needed to test some newly purchased string instruments and this was the result.

Download enabled [24 bit wav].

Source by gorm

The classic show-closer chill track from the popular movie talk show “Movie Geeks United!” hosted by Jamey Duvall and Jerry Dennis. We’re making this a free MP3 download for fans and supporters of the show and Composer Michael McCormack…Thanks for listening!


Source by Michael McCormack Music

I Hope You Like my Movie Score/ Soundtrack Track “Sadness” 😀

Listen and Enjoy it <3 Follow me on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MilenniaMusic?ref=hl [ad_2]
Source by ✰Milennia Sunshine✰

A blend of Chillout, Movie Soundtracks, Deep, Tech, Soulful House Sounds.

Source by Toshingo