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Selected soundtracks from Japanese animated movie “Laputa – Castle In The Sky”.

Source by Muddasir Shah

A collection of soundtracks from Kankyou Vol.2 (艦響Vol.2), the official soundtrack album for the anime movie adaptation of the browser game Kantai Collection.

All tracks composed by Natsumi Kameoka (亀岡夏海), also known for her work with Inazuma Eleven.

Source by Viscoun Kosaka

I was almost positive that this was a song from the Pokemon TV series but I had no idea what season or episode. I tried listening to most of the movie soundtracks on YouTube and couldn’t find it. This song was the most comparable:

I knew for a fact that it was previously featured in a video called “The Joy of Pokemon +493” on YouTube but that video was taken down due to a copyright claim.

DISCREPANCY RESOLVED – This is a track from TTGL.
No wonder it sounded so familiar to me.

Source by CirqueDuCloud