Sneak Peek (From "Winter Symphony") – "Theme From Home Alone" |

Sneak Peek (From “Winter Symphony”) – “Theme From Home Alone”

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I don’t share sneak peeks very often too early, but I had to share this with you today. This is a clip of the Theme from Home Alone that I arranged for piano, and the orchestration was done by Glen Gabriel. Most of you are familiar with this music, but what you don’t know is how INCREDIBLY difficult John William’s music is. I wrote the arrangement by ear after listening to the recording on repeat, sometimes in 1 measure increments trying to decipher the notes. And Glen….Glen. His orchestration on this is pure genius. Not many people attempt to re-orchestrate John Williams music because he is considered a genius in his field, not to mention that it’s almost impossible to replicate. I think Glen not only did an outstanding job recreating what John Williams did, but also putting his own personal spin on it. I think he did a credit to Mr. Williams and if he ever hears this rendition, I would hope he would like it.

P.S. This is a ROUGH track, meaning it is 1) not mixed, 2) not mastered, 3) piano levels are low, and 4) the real strings have not been added yet, just the digital. Enjoy!

Source by Jennifer Thomas