Sextape 4

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A selection of vintage erotic & porn movie soundtracks

Source by Drixxxe


Laska says:

what that tuuuune ???

And now it starts 😀 best part of the track!

Orientalpha says:


DESKAI says:

Love this sound

V-I-R-A-G-E says:

@laptite_grande: Thanks. : v )

BettyBoo dj says:

this is it!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

@v-i-r-a-g-e: AaaRg ! I know this bad boy but can’t remember the name ! Let me know if you have found it

Yousef Abdo says:

Moose knucles website brought me here

Stuck on this one… anyone got a track id or artist hint?

@monsieur-aubergine: <3

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie – Hap’nin

@jasper-tjoonk: Bernard “Pretty” Purdie – Hap’nin

Marilyn Chambers – Shame on You

A. Trovajoli – Signora Sono Le Otto

@imshawncharles: Tadeusz Klimonda РCr̬me De Menthe

@monsieur-aubergine: JP walk is the next track after alan hawkshaw

@frogdesign: sorry, I mean alan hawkshaw – sheer elegance

@frogdesign: J.P.Walk Sound Experience

-Guiz- says:

@e-green-ipop: Thanks !

bibifock says:

apprendre à chanter hein…

Karl-Oz says:

amazing ! id track plz ?

what is this right here

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