Sextape 3

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A selection of vintage erotic & porn movie soundtracks

Source by Drixxxe


diooossss…me mata esta musica…que climax

Dijits Sound says:

Thank you for doing this for our pleasure 馃檪

GrandpaPunk says:

Funky…did I spell that right?

We all know this sound

Will Hopps says:

@miroslav-majstorovic: sounds like rcstacy blues by gert wilden…

murphmurphy says:

Diggin’ on this!

Nordas45 says:

@nordas45: Replying to myself 馃槈 it’s Gert Wilden-“Ecstasy Blues”

Nordas45 says:

Wow!!! what a jazzy/sexy tune! Who’s this???

Hey people, does anyone name that slow song with fat as fuck groove at around 23-24 minutes into the mix? I have to know this, it’s awesome.

fredshouse says:

You need to release these man! They are very cool. x

OK, now THAT groove is dope.

schmittsta says:

In your EAR babe!

Wally Blue says:


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