Renato Bellucci plays: "Chi Mai" Ennio Morricone |

Renato Bellucci plays: “Chi Mai” Ennio Morricone

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Ennio Morricone, “Chi Mai”
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Ennio Morricone was a classmate and lifelong friend of legendary film director Sergio Leone. The Leone, Morricone Clint Eastwood trio marked movie legend in the 1970s.
Actor Jean-Paul Belmondo almost single-handedly made it cool to be French when he starred in The professional. Another effortlessly smoldering performance as spy Joss Baumont. An exhilarating score from the legendary Ennio Morricone adds to the suspense in this tight story of political double-crossing.
I transcribed many Morricone masterpieces for guitar because they fit the guitar wonderfully (The Mission, Once upon a time in America, etc.). Chi Mai is one of my favorites. I made the world premiere of this work in 1988. Ennio Morricone belongs with the greatest composers of all time. His musical signature can be recognized instantly and there is not one of his Movie soundtracks that I do not feel like transcribing for guitar. Chi Mai was my first Ennio Morricone transcription.
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