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Playlist “Setting Drama : The Make-Up”

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After a conversation with other performers, I found out I actually consider my own make-up session as a ritual of concentration. On a special condition : with an Ipod stuck in my head stocking playing a special playlist. In order to inspire me and relax myself, I listen to the finest vintage soundtracks, dialogues, and other ghostly tracks.

And I’ve decided today to share this music with you ! Hours of music gathered in a 40 minutes playlist, my own miracle recipe for a successful make-up, and a good-spirit performance.

Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s time for SETTING DRAMA.
(Special dedication to Sævar Markús).

-Serge Gainsboug : Slogan (taken from the movie 1969).
-Ela Orleans : Longing
-The Focus Group : The Bohm Site
-Kristof Komeda : When Angels Fall
-Henry Mancini ft. Andrey Hepburn : Breakfast at Tiffany’s (taken from the movie 1961)
-Les Baxter : Taboo
-Alain Goraguer : Mira & Ten
-Jane Weaver Septieme Soeur : A Circle and a Star (remixed by Focus Group)
-Ravi Shankar : Alice in Wonderland (taken from the movie 1966)
-The Skaters : Wind Drapeing Incense 06
-White Noise : Love Without Sound
-François de Roubaix : La Vitesse, La Mort
-Oliver Wallace ft. Richard Haydn : Alice in Wonderland (taken from the movie 1951)
-The Focus Group : Lifting Away
-François de Roubaix ft. Delphine Seyrig : Daughters of Darkness (taken from the movie 1971)
-Ketty Lester : Love Letters
-Broadcast : Collatina, Mark of Damnation
-Antoine Duhamel ft. Delphine Seyrig : Baisers Volés (taken from the movie, 1968)
-Carl Orff : Menschen und Wind
-The Focus Group : The Bohm Site
-Giorgio Carnini : Preludio Nelle Puglie
-Norman Kay : Out of the Unknown
-Jaime Mendoza-Nava : The Brotherhood of Satan

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