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Institutional movie shooted in 2005…
…directed by Saguenail – Helastre

Source by Psyjar- Movie Soundtracks

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The Indian Bollywood actor and producer Rajesh Khanna. During his career, he appeared in over 180 films, of them 163 are feature films and 17 short films.


Franklin Stacks & Jack Torrance make up 2Gunz which covers the East and West Coast respectively. During the 90’s Ray Tango (Franklin Stacks) & Gabriel Cash (Jack Torrance) were set up and sent to an underground prison. After a miraculous escape, they set out to clear there names and kill the bastards that set them up. Along the way they are detoured and begin what will be the beat movie of the year. Unable to kill the asshole that set them up they continue their manhunt and produce some of the most profound beat sets across the country.

Source by 2GunzSpecial

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