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Theme song to the podcast Let’s Watch A Full-Length Movie on YouTube with Mike Spiegelman, by Carl Haupt.

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Futurecop! are Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol, an electronic music duo with a passion for cult 80’s movie soundtracks, fantasy themes, retro cartoons and video games. Taking influence from pop punk bands they grew up with such as Weezer, The Get Up Kids, Saves The Day, together with the electro synth sounds of Daft Punk and Justice, they fuse vocals and vintage synths to create their own vision of electro pop. The uniqueness of Futurecop!’s brand has led to a cult internet following, with strong past releases on labels such as Southern Fried and IHEARTCOMIX.

‚Coming Home’ feat. Neverstore is the third single taken from Futurecop!’s upcoming studio album ‚Hopes, Dreams & Alienation’. Since 2007 Futurecop! have toured the world, released as mentioned before on Fatboy Slim’s label Southern Fried Records or RCA Records/ Sony, released 2 successful albums, did official remixes for major pop acts like Cobra Starship, Kelly Clarkson and Foster the People and gained huge support from MTV Networks, VEVO, VICE/ Noisey, RCRD LBL, Earmilk, Gotta Dance Dirty, The Music Ninja, dance megastar Tiesto, Diplo or Annie Mac (BBC Radio 1).

‘Coming Home’ is an acoustic track showcasing Futurecop!’s mellower side and melancholy musical influence. Created with MTV Europe Music Award winning punk rock band Neverstore’s singer to create an emotive piece of music that sums up their upcoming album project (Hopes, Dreams & Alienation). The Futurecop! remix of ‘Coming Home’ is an infectious dance track and a dance floor summer anthem in the making, combining velvety synths with a killer dance beat in true Futurecop! style.

Alongside the single will be a video, directed by famed director Oscar Granse, who has previously collaborated with the likes of The Horrors.

The single is backed with a killer remix from Anamanaguchi, the indie band of the moment who create music using video game hardware from the 1980s and recently sound-tracked runaway hit film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. The track also features a bass heavy remix from Australian synthpop band Strange Talk, a stunning chillwave remix by Teen Daze and a nu disco remix by Tom Budin.

‘Coming Home’ continues the ideas behind their upcoming album ‚Hopes, Dreams & Alienation’ which focuses on the complications of coming of age and escapism. The melancholic themes are artfully juxtaposed by an infectious up-lifting vibe which threads through the entirety of the album, offering an insight into Futurecop!’s musical journey and enchanted 80’s aesthetic. Futurecop! are keeping their heads above the mainstream water, quirky, heartfelt and addictive, they are ones to watch for 2013.

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I have some Ringtones from English, Hindi, Game and Movie Soundtracks which are perfectly edited by me. Also I will Upload another in future… Stay Tuned 🙂

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In this special, bonus episode, Jack drags Arun through James Cameron’s poorly written script treatment for his proposed 1998 cinematic adaptation of the famous Marvel superhero. The boys also talk about why this movie never came to be, and many of the casting rumours surrounding it!

May Contain Mild Peril is your premium dosage of amateur movie reviews and chat, from two guys who watch too many films for their own good. Check out our Youtube channel for more g̶r̶e̶a̶t̶ content and let us know where we’re screwing up by getting in touch at:

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Ambient News/Flash/Intro/Logo/Opener theme from the album “Royalty Free Ambient Music for YouTube Videos (247 minutes​!​)”, for FREE download.

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