MDWWR #76 System d-128 – Shoot Cut Edit

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What is system d-128? is it a man, a machine, a monster, a movie?
Its a pseudonym created by Brian Torres Korlofsky
also known as his high school nickname Duey FM.
The idea of the name system d-128 comes from his father’s colorful and futuristic looking blank vhs tapes that were used to record many television programs,
examples of blank video cassettes are: TDK Avilyn T-120, Polaroid Supercolor T-160, Maxell Epitaxial E-180.
System d-128 is a dj, an avid film and record collector, a producer, a director & editor to name a few of his skills, not to mention he has worked off & on with Diplo/Mad Decent since the 1st recordings and videos.
This mix is a combination of rare records, awesome music, movie soundtracks, layers of sounds, multi genre’s/tempo’s and recordings from the unknown.


Source by System d-128


Hedge Majig says:

this is where it’s rad

This second half is perfect

RaphaelDenny says:

Esse som é pra dropar um LSD hahaha

RaphaelDenny says:

Pow mano, pesadão. Ouvi freneticamente hahaha

Shanes3rdeye says:

@jihu: robert de niro

Dj Smoke1 says:

This mix is out there man!! I like it

Dj Smoke1 says:

Dam what track is this

Max Gash says:

I’ll send you a love letter FUCKER!!!

Max Gash says:

HooDeeHooo! System d-128! This is the first I’ve heard your work – WOW! I admire your ear…Both of them! : )

Maphar says:

tracklist pleasee!

I want to rail a line of bloood

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