Matt Baker & John Styles – In The Shadows

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Welcome to our latest track in our ‘Themes’ Sound set ‘In the Shadows’

Over the Christmas holidays I managed to spend some quality time listening to Soundtracks from some of my most favourite composers. I reflected upon my own musical creations and thought about which tracks really inspired me to become a musician; and still inspire me today. In truth there are hundreds of soundtracks that have inspired me, but I have to say the ‘Star Wars’ soundtrack from the original movie played a huge part in my childhood. Both because the film was so magical to a 7 year old and because the music was just awesome! I got a copy of the album in 1978 and played it endlessly.

With this in mind I decided to really sit down and listen to how John Williams constructed some of these epic soundtracks. I made a lot of notes about the structures, instrument choices and combination and the clever layering of the key signature melodies used to portray characters and emotions. I can’t say I managed to unpick any secret formula LOL!, but I had great fun, learnt a lot and ended up being even more inspired by these compositions than ever!

So armed with my new ideas, I set about writing a theme for a Sci-fi inspired adventure (Not Star Wars LOL!). I had great fun using some of the structural techniques and instrument combinations gleaned from my research; and made good progress, .on the opening section

As I worked the track took on a character of its own and I felt it could perhaps be a track about Space Exploration. I went on the internet to do a little research and very quickly got onto the NASA website and the wealth of information about the ‘Orion Project’. This inspired me further, which helped to further develop the structure, especially the more dramatic march sections of the composition. I downloaded some video footage and constructed a basic storyboard to give me further inspiration; and after a lot of hard work ended up with the finished track and a fairly good, even if a little crude video to accompany the track. (Please see link below).

I shared this composition with John, as a bit of a surprise; and was very thrilled at his reaction. We worked closely to get the end arrangement just right and John put the finishing touches to the track with his awesome end production, which I thank him for very much.

To CHeck out the video version, please follow the link below, or paste it into your browser:

Composer: Matt Baker
All Instruments: Matt Baker & John Styles
Arrangement: Matt Baker & John Styles
Production: John Styles

We hope you enjoy our creation and would welcome any comments of feedback.

All the best for now

Cheers Matt & John 🙂

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