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Episode 47 – Surf 2: The End Of The Trilogy

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“Surf 2: The End of the Trilogy” is the greatest movie ever made that also happens to be its own sequel! Join the MagHuge crew as we palaver about this quintessentially forgotten 80’s VHS teen-bikini-surf-punk-zombie comedy classic that also happens to be loaded with gratuitous T&A and a thought-provoking environmental message. No, really. Plus, it has one of the best unreleased 80’s New Wave soundtracks of all time (featuring an exclusive track by Oingo Boingo!) that never made it to stores because the movie was such an impressive failure at the time. You can’t even get this thing on DVD, that’s how amazing it is! Which is why it is our Lost Cinema Pick of the Week.

We did what we could to make a spotify list for this episode. You can hear the results here:

And here’s that rare Oingo Boingo song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnXtWs-0Qaw

0:00 Intros
3:55 WWII Propaganda Films
6:50 Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi
14:24 The Meg (trailer)
16:48 Rock The Bells
20:24 Our Girl
21:40 The Witness
23:15 Rampage (2018)
29:00 Surf 2: The End Of The Trilogy

Scratching The Itch – Sex Cult Girl
Oingo Boingo – Hold Me Back
Kool & the Gang – Fresh / clip from Bridesmaids / B-Side – Change the Beat
US Armed Forces commercial
Land and Live in the Desert (Army Air Forces)
John WIlliams – The Battle of Crait (Star Wars: The Last Jedi Original motion picture soundtrack)
John WIlliams – Finale (Star Wars: The Last Jedi Original motion picture soundtrack)
The Meg (trailer)
Rock The Bells Radio bumper
L.L. Cool J. – Mama Said Knock You Out
Cypress Hill – Insane in the Membrane
Biz Markie – Nobody Beats The Biz
N.W.A. – Express Yourself
Fat Boys – The Human Beat Box
Clip from John Mulaney: New in Town
Our Girl – Our Girl
Edvard Grieg – Anitra’s Dream (from The Witness)
Clips from Rampage (trailer)
Mentos Jingle / Outkast – So Fresh and So Clean / Devo – Fresh
Clips from Surf 2: The End Of The Trilogy
Clip from Heathers
Dick Dale & His Del-Tones – The Wedge
The Untouchables – Dance Beat
Annette Funicello and Fishbone – Jamaican Ska
Oingo Boingo – Only A Lad

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