Cima Ali Baba opening credits-مصطفى الحلواني

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Moustapha El Halawany, based in Cairo, Egypt and has composed music for a vast audience ranging from movie soundtracks and commercials to TV channel identities and songs.

Source by Halawany


h_amasha says:

مزيكا جميلة وممتعة الصراحة 🙂

Karim Hanna says:

an Excellent one…Yanni Style:)

magic moon says:

تحفة قووووووووي

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream -_-

Pinkok Erit says:

DeMa3`ak d ALMAZaaaaaaaaT <3 😀

Mai MaGdi says:

مزيكتك بريلينت جداً يا حلوانى انت راااااااائع 😀

Enta 3alamy , 🙂 , …

magnonakat says:

ahh, cheeky as we say in english…:)

m3dyyyyyy bgd yareeeeet neshooflk ay album 🙂

احساسك رائع والله يا مصطفي بالموسيقي 🙂 بالتوفيق ديما يارب

Sheko Hasan says:

we want album of u 😉 go on

eslamhagras says:

inta 3alamy intashr b2a ,mta3na

fady 2emo says:

tab ana 3awz dowload ya3ny 😀 a3ml eh

Halawany says:

@hamedson: 🙂 thank youu Promise i wont 😉

hamedson says:

Good stuff here 🙂 keep it up, don’t lose it

user4781571 says:

I need to download it

"N.H" says:

To7fa bgd masha2 ALLAH 3alek

how i can download it ,plz help
i love it alot

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