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So Trainspotting is 20 years old…

We’ll just let that sink in for a while. Aside from being an important slice of British cinema it also had an amazingly influential soundtrack which set in motion a new phenomenon in the music world too.

This week @HoboJoBo and @Meerkuts discuss film soundtracks, their influence plus whether the soundtrack for a film has an impact on the music world and visa versa.

Let us know your thoughts and your favourite soundtracks in the comments…

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A potpourri from a concert in 2012 – Symphony Orchestra of Film Musics

/ 2012 konserinden bir potpuri – Film Müzikleri Senfoni Orkestrası

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A sad loss for 2011 and a fitting way to end the year. Here’s the soulful groove of B Movie, stripped back and chopped up. It could be considered sacrilege to cut out a lot of the vocal, but that’s what I’ve done so sorry to the purists. Enjoy and here’s to a funky 2012.

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My first music created with FL10. Hope you like it:)

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Dazed and Confused, Star Wars, Skrillex and Indiana Jones

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Arijit Singh Mon Majhi Re Full HD Song – Boss Bengali Movie – free download

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Heading into Oscar week; Scott, Todd, and Harrison compile a list of the best movie soundtracks.

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