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A potpourri from a concert in 2012 – Symphony Orchestra of Film Musics

/ 2012 konserinden bir potpuri – Film Müzikleri Senfoni Orkestrası

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A sad loss for 2011 and a fitting way to end the year. Here’s the soulful groove of B Movie, stripped back and chopped up. It could be considered sacrilege to cut out a lot of the vocal, but that’s what I’ve done so sorry to the purists. Enjoy and here’s to a funky 2012.

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My first music created with FL10. Hope you like it:)

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Dazed and Confused, Star Wars, Skrillex and Indiana Jones

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Arijit Singh Mon Majhi Re Full HD Song – Boss Bengali Movie – free download

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Heading into Oscar week; Scott, Todd, and Harrison compile a list of the best movie soundtracks.

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This track is a third person narrative and I recorded it for a short film scene! So keep calm, I’m fine and still very happy with my life.

I’ve had this track stored on my computer for months and thought about releasing this and couple other things I’ve recorded in the last time while traveling around our globe… Just some simple easy going stuff that came into my mind and I dont know. Ha. But it’s actually quite cool to make them, so here you go for the second track I made while seeing some weird things in Los Angeles…

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Ellie Goulding talks to us about how her sound fits in with film soundtracks as well as her favourite movie soundtracks.

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