Battle Arena Toshinden 2 – Sho – In' Up 4 Showdown (Master Mi Remix) |

Battle Arena Toshinden 2 – Sho – In’ Up 4 Showdown (Master Mi Remix)

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Battle Arena Toshinden 2 – Sho-in’ Up 4 Showdown (Master Mi Remix – Version 1.2)
– Battle Arena Toshinden 2 – Sho’s Theme Remix
– made by Master Mi
– produced with Samplitude Pro X2 Suite
– mastered at EBU R 128 standards for the best dynamic range

Some time ago I had the strong urge to make a remix for the good ol’ Battle Arena Toshinden series.
For me the Battle Arena Toshinden games were some of the few beat ’em up & fighting games which really managed to combine a great gameplay with fascinating characters, nice special effects, a decent background story and radically awesome soundtracks.

So, I decided to create a remix for Sho’s theme from Battle Arena Toshinden 2.
Because Sho is a really overpowered, strong, fast, self-confident warrior blessed with an unshakeable life force and a wide variety of special moves on the one hand and a centered, self-possessed and elegant character on the other hand I decided to handle the remix like this.

I really like the result – so the remix contains smartly classical parts like the famous piano intro (originally it’s a part from “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” by Johann Sebastian Bach), a string part and a saxophone part, for example – as well as pretty heavy and bassy beats and powerful, melodic counterparts.

In this version 1.2 I’ve made some great changes.

First of all – with my new mixing method I’ve developed by myself I could improve the sound quality a bit.

Then I’ve made a few changes at the drums section – I’ve composed some varieties and worked much more with the velocity dynamics there.

I’ve also changed the saxophone and used one with a much better sound and some settings that fit really good to the flair of the Battle Arena Toshinden games. I’ve changed a few notes within the saxophone part as well.

The probably greatest changes I’ve made was the final guitar part.
There I’ve not only added a new heavy metal power guitar to support the bass and rhythm.
I’ve also created a much more intensive electric guitar part with some new notes and loads of hot articulations that might burn through your spine – brings much more fire in the final part of the track.

I hope you enjoy my remix and the little youtube movie I’ve created with some ingame scenes of the character Sho Shinjo from Battle Arena Toshinden and Battle Arena Toshinden 2.

Thanks to all those owners of the youtube accounts that uploaded those awesome, skillful ingame scenes of Battle Arena Toshinden and Battle Arena Toshinden 2.
For my video I took some movie scenes from the following youtube accounts:

– plrayer jiyungee

– hüseyin Karaca

– KJ Gamer90 (thanks for giving me the permission to use parts of your awesome video with the battle of Sho vs. Master, dude – this absolutely rocks)

For all those who have not responded to my requests of using their video material, yet I hope it’s okay if I give you some credits. I hope you enjoy my remix as well.

I’ll keep working on this track for sure.
For the future I plan to enlarge this track by a remixed version of Sho’s theme from Battle Arena Toshinden 3 – this tune is really badass just in the original version.
The problem is that I have to create this part just by ear ’cause it seems that there are absolutely no notes or midi files for this track around.
This might be hard – but seems to be a great opportunity to improve my creative composition skills and get some kind of an absolute pitch.

Until big things like these are going on, enjoy this version 1.2 of my remix so far and rock on.

Source by Master Mi