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3ug3n3 – Atomism

“Not only that everything is composed of atoms and void, but that nothing they compose really exists: the only things that really exist are atoms ricocheting off each other mechanistically in an otherwise empty void” – Wikipedia : Atomism

This were the seed of thought that 3uG3n3 had in mind to make the listener ponder when listening to Atomism. Coupled with the cover image is to question what we humans feel about ourselves and the world we live in.

3uG3n3 aka Eugene’s music is an aural blend of what he loves best from Electronic Music, Classical to Movie Soundtracks to create his signature musical expression. A sensorial provocation that invites one to journey beyond the auditory in order to invoke deeper thoughts.

3uG3n3’s music is the “Music of Moving Pictures”.

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Mixed and produced: 3ug3n3

Mastering Engineer: Leonard Fong

Mastering Studio: Horus Studios

CityForm Records is a recording label based in South East Asia. We focus on promoting the works of unsigned talents from and around the region to beyond in the pursuit of quality music.

CityForm Records specializes in services from Mixing, Mastering as well as Composition for Electronic Music, Game Music to Film Music and provides delivery of music through online methods of distribution as well as physical means.


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