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Mindset is the second official soundtrack album composed by Razor. It contains a variety of epic soundtracks inspired by a number of films, including DC Entertainment’s very own Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The album was released on June 6th and is available online for free download. This LP serves a purpose of allowing movie studios and anyone else to use this music for free in their trailers, movies, and shows, just as long as they give credit to the composer himself, Razor (because I like it when something means something). Enjoy and thank you for downloading Mindset!

Source by Razor

Moustapha El Halawany, based in Cairo, Egypt and has composed music for a vast audience ranging from movie soundtracks and commercials to TV channel identities …

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Kalyanji–Anandji are an Indian composer duo from Gujarat: Kalyanji Shah and his brother Anandji Shah. The duo are known for their work on Hindi film …


Creepy Vocal Lullaby’ is a haunting, cinematic horror track featuring female vocals (instrumental version also included), music box, celesta and eerie, sustained strings.

Ideal for use in horror and thriller movie/film soundtracks, trailers, mystery documentaries, Halloween TV/radio specials, ghost story audio books, video games, YouTube videos or any project with a spooky, creepy tone.

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Dreams of Wonder was the last work I did that has that distinct light, “movie/new age” kind of sound. I am very fond of it, for what it meant in the process of finding a more mature compositional style. Even though I no longer plan on composing anything with this same style, at least in an strict deliberate way, it was great as an exploration of what all future work would – and would not – become.

The playlist has a somewhat defined program, inspired by very optimistic and uplifting narrative. Nowadays I find it very suitable for a video game. So much that we are currently developing a video game which explores the music in it in great length.

As usual, I took great care in exposing well-defined themes in each track. From the very beginning and all the way through the end pieces, I tried to bring the energy of melodies and rhythm in the texture of the ensemble.

I have to say I am fond of most of the pieces in it, although I would highlight “Piano Night Dance” for its romantic and simple quality with Danut’s great violin playing. “Pacific Sun” has a simple melody that makes me think of flying over the ocean, free as a bird. “Until the End” is probably the darkest piece, which reminds me of loss and the value of the company of those we love. “The Spirit of Freedom” reminds me of soundtracks from the 70s and 80s where the melody and the band focus on bringing the energy to the piece while delivering an atmospheric sound in the mix. Finally, “March of the Forests” has meditative ostinato that erupts in a theme that celebrates the wonders of nature and life.
We have videos for some of these pieces on YouTube and also some sheet music. We would love to read your comments at the bottom of this page, telling us what kind of dreams of wonder this music inspires in you.

Source by Leo Perez