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I Hope You Like my Movie Score/ Soundtrack Track “Sadness” 😀

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Symphonic Movie Soundtracks In The Mix

Tracklist :

01) Hans Zimmer – The Contendor – Main Title (THE CONTENDOR)
02) Hans Zimmer – The Rock – Main Theme (THE ROCK)
03) Hans Zimmer – Gladiator – Main Theme (GLADIATOR)
04) Hans Zimmer & Klaus Badelt – The Curse Of The Black Pearl (Suite) (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN)
05) Brian Tyler – Summon the Worms (CHILDREN OF DUNE)
06) Christopher Field – Gothic Power (LORD OF THE RINGS Trailer Music)
07) Hans Zimmer – Safe Passage(THE LAST SAMURAI)
08) Trevor Jones – Main Title (THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS)
09) Ennio Morricone – Main Title (THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY)
10) Troels B. Folmann – Main Theme (TOMB RIDER LEGEND)
11) Enya – Aniron (Howard Shore – The Council Of Elrond) (LORD OF THE RINGS)
12) Howard Shore – The Breaking Of The Fellowship (LORD OF THE RINGS)
13) Hans Zimmer – Main Theme (GLADIATOR)
14) Hans Zimmer — Injection (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2)
15) Hans Zimmer – Knights March (KING ARTHUR)
16) Hans Zimmer – Roll Tide (CRIMSON TIDE)
17) Brad Fiedel – Terminator 3 Theme (TERMINATOR 3)
18) Harry Gregson – Williams – I’ll Find My Own Way (X MAN ORIGINS WALVERINE)
19) Hans Zimmer – Gothams Reckoning (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES)
20) Hans Zimmer – Mombassa (INCEPTION)
21) Michael Giacchino – Mission: Impossible Theme (MI GHOST PROTOCOL)
22) Steve Jablonsky – Autobats (TRANSFORMERS)
23) Steve Jablonsky – Arrival To Earth (TRANSFORMERS)
24) John Williams – Main Theme (JURASIC PARK)
25) James Horner – Braveheart theme (BRAVEHEART)
26) Ernest Gold – Exodus Main Theme (EXODUS)
27) Nino Rota – The Godfather (Speak Softly Love) (THE GODFATHER)
28) John Williams – Theme from Schindler’s List (SCHINDLER´S LIST)

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Brand New Creation! check out my halloween mashup!! enjoy 🙂 share it with friends and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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TOP 9 – Fitria Anggraini – Dealova (OST Dealova)

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Chris, Jeremy and Barrett cover the most epic years in movie history, from the brilliant 2007 to the influential 1982, and many places in between. Also, a recurrent game of “Best Movie from Each Year You’ve Been Alive” begins with a raucous evaluation of the movies from 1975. Rocky Horror Picture Show fans should proceed with caution. The guys finish up with a definitive list of their favorite soundtracks and scores. Come for the Pearl Jam, stay for the Star Trek!
We have a new theme song! Many thanks to the decorated recording artist L’Orange for working with us. Go listen to his amazing stuff at He’ll make your earholes happy. 
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Musica di Stelvio Cipriani.
Eseguita dal Sirenide Ensemble (violino, mandolino, mandola, fisarmonica, chitarra, contrabbasso). Arrangiamento e orchestrazione di Paolo Propoli.

Composed by Stelvio Cipriani.
Performed by Sirenide Ensemble (violin, mandolin, mandola, accordion, guitar, double bass). Arrangement and scoring by Paolo Propoli.

Source by Sirenide Ensemble

رشید بهبودف

کوچه‌لره سو سپمیشم
یار گلنده توز اولماسون
ائله گلسین بئله گتسین
آرامیزدا سوز اولماسون

سماوارا اوت آتمیشام
ایستکانا قت سالمیشام
یاریم گدیپ تک قالمیشام
نه گوزل‌دیر یارین جانی
نه شیرین‌دیر یارین جانی

پیاله‌لر ایرفته‌دی
هر بیری بیر طرفده‌دی
گورممیشم بیر هفته‌دی


ترجمه فارسی:
کوچه‌ها را آب و جارو کرده‌ام
وقتی یار می‌آید گرد و خاک نشود
طوری بیاید و برود
که بین ما حرفی (دلگیری) نباشد

داخل سماور آتش انداخته‌ام
داخل استکان قند انداخته‌ام
یارم رفته تنها مانده‌ام
چه زیباست جان یار
چه شیرین است جان یار

پیاله‌ها در طاقچه‌اند
هر کدام در یک طرفند
یک هفته است که ندیده‌ام


A sad loss for 2011 and a fitting way to end the year. Here’s the soulful groove of B Movie, stripped back and chopped up. It could be considered sacrilege to cut out a lot of the vocal, but that’s what I’ve done so sorry to the purists. Enjoy and here’s to a funky 2012.

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Thank you for an amazing 2015! This first year was more than we ever imagined and we look forward to raising the bar for you in 2016! Please enjoy this FREE release and have a happy holidays!

– Team XXL

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Past, Present & Future by Jon Averill
22/01/15 London, United Kingdom


1. The Shangri-Las – Past, Present & Future
An aloof monologue backed by an interpolation of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata reflects on what might have been.

2. Ryan Teague – Shadow Play
A minimalist composition which owes much to contemporaries such as Steve Reich & John Adams.

3. INC. – Swear
The polished chrome future R’n’B grooves of L.A’s INC.

4. Mount Kimbie – Maybes
For some reason never really got into Mount Kimbie the way a lot of people did.

5. Japan – Quiet Life
Waking us up with a jolt is the opening track from the 1979 album of the same name by Japan.

6. Paul Simon – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
If you’re being pedantic you could point out that he only lists 5 ways to leave your lover.

7. The Au Pairs – It’s Obvious
Next up is the clattering post-punk clamour of Birmingham’s The Au Pairs.

8. Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, & The Congos – Sunshine
Amazing track but sounds completely out of place at the time of recording – a freezing January weekend in London.

9. Not Waving – Kneecap Ridge
Another track I really wanted to include again – this podcast not really acting as a best of in the traditional sense but more a recap of the last 59.

10. Jai Paul – Jasmine (Demo)
The best thing released in 2012.

11. Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind – Rocky Mountains
Taken from Great Lakes Mystery’s horror soundtrack themed podcast. Wendy Carlos (formerly Walter) created 3 hugely influential soundtracks; the unsettling electronic score for A Clockwork Orange, Tron & worked again with Stanley Kubrick on The Shining from which this track is taken.

12. Mssingno – Xe2
Both myself & Cian Ó Cíobháin have featured tracks from Mssingo in previous podcast which is good enough to give him Shock preferred artist status. With electronic music you’re always looking for something that gives that little tingle – a feeling you get when you hear something that sounds like it’s from somewhere else.

13. Fabio Frizzi – Main Theme
Absolutely floored by this first time I heard it. Just an extraordinary piece of synthesizer music from the 1979 soundtrack for Italian horror movie Zombi 2.

14. Burial – Raver
Perfect music for avoiding eye contact on the night bus.

15. Lee Hazlewood – My Baby Cried All Night Long
Taking us right out of that moment is moustached troubadour & regular at the Shock salon; Lee Hazlewood.
And the moral of this story is that you shouldn’t be caught messin’ Where you shouldn’t been messin’.

16. World Domination Enterprises ‎– Asbestos Lead Asbestos
Music that sounds more like it’s made on a building site than a recording studio.

17. The Durutti Column – Otis
Vini Reilly uses an Otis Redding vocal loop to great effect for this track.

18. Dennis Wilson – Time
The deterioration of Dennis Wilson’s, once part of the angelic harmonies of the Beach Boys is a shocking thing to hear yet also adds a vulnerability to his music.

19. Tonstartssbandht – Hymn Eola
Tonstartssbandht (pronounced tahn-starts-bandit) are two brothers Edwin & Andy White who’ve recorded dozens of albums merging dramatic choral style vocals & space rock-esque textures.

20. John Cooper Clarke – Beasley Boulevard (Live at Shock 16.5.08)
I don’t think this track can be heard elsewhere so a bit of an exclusive for our listeners I guess. It’s a sequel to Cooper Clarke’s most well known track Beasley Street. Here John deals with Beasley Street as it might be now, fully in the grip of gentrification.

21. Moondog – Pastoral
Pastoral is a childlike melody from the Viking of sixth avenue which brings the podcast to a close.
So this is goodbye, so this is farewell, the fight’s final bell.
for now…

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Soundtrack List:
00:00 Juice Newton – Angel of the Morning
04:12 Salt-N-Pepa – Shoop
08:21 Neil Sedaka – Calendar Girl
10:58 Deadpool Rap
14:25 DMX – X Gon Give It to Ya
18:02 George Michael – Careless Whisper
23:04 Chicago – You’re the Inspiration
26:00 Bing Crosby – I’ll Be Home For Christmas

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Arijit Singh Mon Majhi Re Full HD Song – Boss Bengali Movie – free download

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TOP 9 – Santika Agista – Lihatlah Lebih Dekat (OST Petualangan Sherina)

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Source by TOP 9 IFS Season 3


Source by T.Z.